♪♩•Daddy’s Piano Bar – Where kink meets jazz


A playful gathering space for the ‘Daddy Dom where are you?’ group, that occasionally throws epic grid-wide soirees. Our focus is on the Daddy Dom and little girl dynamic. However, we are open and accepting to all BDSM friendly and kink aware people.

Come check us out! Voice enabled, kinky, fun group of adults.

• Very little rules
• No Interviews
• No dress code
• No royalty
• We won’t ban you, because your opinion differs from ours

•♬• Just mature people having fun! •♬•

If the Rat Pack came to SL, where would they want to be seen? At Daddy’s Piano Bar!

Where the leashes flow as freely as the scotch and the jazz. Where men are Aces, and Women are Dames and babies. Where the soirées bring out the Guys and Dolls. A place that is a little classy, a little different, and a whole lot of wacky. Where strangers become friends, and maybe more. Romance and friendship mix with spice, kink and jazz. Bring your Daddy, your baby, your friends, or meet new ones while at DPB.


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Where Kink Meets Jazz